• comprehensive
  • proven
  • fit-for-purpose

Pre-treatment analysis and testing

Produced water recycling industry experts with adaptive chemistry portfolio

Solution Driven Process Design

  1. Equipment footprint design to customer site specifications
  2. In-depth water chemistry analysis and lab data
  3. Onsite water chemistry analysis. Live water testing
  4. Continual chemistry analysis and improvement
  5. Onsite testing and review

Produced water primary treatment

  • 100% turnkey solution
  • Integrated oil water separator
  • Fully automated DAF system
  • Highly mobile solution
  • 65,000 bbls/day per unit
  • 99% solids, oil and grease removal
  • Scalable independent units
  • Iron removal greater than 97%
  • Large volume, large surface area DAF
  • Turbidity results less than 5 NTU

Tertiary treatment and filtration

  • High flow rate multimedia filters system
  • Automatic backwash capability
  • Filtration system resists oil fouling
  • Organic and inorganic solids removal to 5 microns
  • Fit-For-Purpose design to customer specifications

Solids management and dewatering

  • Solids handling tailored to client specifications
  • Cost effective, comprehensive solids handling techniques
  • Screw press and filter press dewatering options

Water asset solutions

  • Assist with all aspects of produced water management
  • Process evaluation and improvement
  • Water asset and production operations chemical management
  • Ability to operate customer owned equipment
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