What is DAF Water Service?

Our Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment (DAF) is a highly effective way to treat produced water for reuse, removing 99% of solids, oils, and grease. This month, we will reach 50 million barrels of recycled produced water since our company’s inception. Just one of our DAF systems is able to treat up to 65,000 barrels of recycled produced water for reuse or flow back per day. Using a DAF water service to treat produced water helps lower water management costs and reduces the need for fresh water. Recycling the produced water for reuse is also a great way to reduce your company’s environmental impact. 

How DAF Water Services Works 

The produced water is pumped into a flotation tank. A pump releases air at the bottom of the tank, forming tiny bubbles in the water that float to the top and mix the water. As the bubbles float to the surface, they attach to any suspended matter, such as oil and grease. This separates the water from the suspended matter. The waste becomes layered on top of the water, forming a froth layer. This layer is removed by a skimmer. Once the water is treated, it is pumped into a fresh tank for reuse. 

DAF Equipment Setup

Our DAF equipment is a mobile solution for produced water. Our team will set up the equipment on your site and oversee the process. We will test your produced water before and after the treatment and provide a chemistry analysis and lab data. Our equipment is customizable and set to your site’s requirements. 

DAF water treatment systems are an industry-proven and highly automated solution for treating produced water. Our team members are well-educated and knowledgeable in the produced water treatment and the oil and gas industry. To discuss your water treatment needs and see how a DAF water service can help you recycle produced water efficiently, contact us directly.