How Produced Water is Treated and Recycled for Reuse

Our oil and gas customers that drill in the Permian Basin experience many benefits from our produced water treatment. It is not only helpful for the company as a whole but has a positive environmental impact.

Produced Water Treatment Process 

To start the produced water treatment, our experts will test the water and provide a pre-treatment analysis. We will test on-site and in a lab to provide the most accurate results. Throughout the process, our team will continually test and provide chemistry analysis to see if any improvements or adjustments to the treatments need to be made. Before testing begins, we will set up our mobile treatment equipment, customized to your company’s specifications. 

Once all of the groundwork is complete, our team will set up the equipment and start the produced water treatment. Our team uses dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems to recycle and remove 99% of solids, oil, and grease from the produced water. The water is pumped into a tank and separated from the solids using bubbles and a skimmer. We also offer tertiary treatment and filtration that uses high-flow rate multimedia filters and can also be customized to your needs. 

Recycled Water Reuses 

Fresh water is an important part of drilling wells and oil and gas operations. Produced water treatments allow you to use the recycled water in drilling mud, which cuts back on the need to source fresh water. Recycled water can also be used in landscaping, irrigation, groundwater recharge, and industrial cooling uses. 


Produced water treatment has many benefits for your company and is a well-established and cost-effective strategy compared to disposal. Our recycled water solutions lower water management costs, are fully electric-powered, and decrease HSE exposure throughout the system and controls. 

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When partnering with Western Gulf Water for your produced water treatment needs, you’re not just contacting a service provider; you’re connecting with a team dedicated to optimizing your water reuse processes. Our highly educated and experienced team can provide insights and solutions to help you find effective and sustainable water treatments for your company. Contact us here through our website to learn more.