Benefits of Produced Water Recycling Services

What are Produced Water Recycling Services?

Produced water is the water that is extracted with oil and natural gas during the production process. This water is full of minerals, salts, acids, hydrocarbons, grease, and other contaminants. The amount of produced water when drilling for oil varies based on the age and characteristics of the well, but it is usually several barrels of produced water for every barrel of oil produced. This can be a substantial amount of water to deal with. Our produced water recycling services can treat 65,000 barrels of produced water a day per system. Once the water is treated and clean, it can be used in the oil and gas reservoirs or other field operations. This water can also serve as fire control, power generation, and irrigation.


Eliminate the Fresh Water Use: Fresh water is used as the primary lubrication during drilling and to cool down the equipment. This plays a huge role in preventing blowouts by reducing pressure. If the water used in this process is contaminated, it could cause equipment damage, safety hazards, and violate regulations. By utilizing recycled produced water, your team continues to access clean, contaminant-free water while simultaneously driving down water management costs and eliminating the need for water transportation.

Positive Environmental Impact: Our DAF systems are completely electric so there are zero emissions. These systems have the industry’s lowest carbon footprint. The contaminants in the produced water are removed and properly disposed of, reducing the amount of hazardous material that could go back into the environment. Our recycling services remove 99% of solids, oil, grease, and other contaminants that could be dangerous if disposed of without proper treatment.

On-Site Results: The 100% mobile DAF and Tertiary treatments are customized to your space and needs. Our independent units are scalable and can handle various amounts of produced water. Before the produced water recycling services begin, our industry experts will test the water and provide a chemistry analysis. They will continue to test the water chemistry throughout the treatment process to ensure water quality.

Our team is dedicated to finding solutions and treatments for your produced water. Contact us today to talk to one of our experienced team members about your produced water treatment needs.