Recycling Produced Water

Environmental Benefits of Recycling Produced Water

Recycling produced water not only has many benefits for your company, but is a sustainable solution with many environmental benefits. This process allows you to rely less heavily on freshwater, and reuse the produced water for drilling fluid. This also reduces the amount of contaminants and pollution that is discharged into the environment after drilling. Produced water can play a role in how your company can lower your ecological footprint.

Recycling Produced Water Environmental Benefits:

Improving Water Quality: When produced water is extracted with oil, there are often heavy metals, salts, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants in the water. The Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) system uses a skimmer to remove these contaminants after the water has been treated and the matter is separated. 

Without recycling the produced water, these pollutants and contaminants could end up in the environment if not disposed of properly. This could have negative effects on the wildlife and aquatic ecosystems. 

Reduce Need for Freshwater: Produced water gives you a source of clean water that can be used as drilling fluid. This helps alleviate the strain on any local water supply, especially since oil is often drilled in places that are prone to drought. This water, once treated, can also be used to recharge groundwater, in agriculture applications, and other industrial uses. 

Recycling produced water uses less energy than sourcing and treating freshwater. This process also cuts down the need for freshwater to be transported and delivered, in turn reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Electric System: Our DAF systems are completely electric systems, helping to lower the carbon footprint and resulting in zero emissions. This lowers your company’s carbon footprint and becomes more sustainable. 

By incorporating technologies like DAF and recycling water, you can mitigate environmental impact and reduce pollutants that are found in untreated produced water. To learn more about the benefits of DAF and produced water, contact us through our website here.

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