Debunking Myths about Recycled Produced Water in the Oil and Gas Industry

Recycled produced water in the oil and gas industry has become a popular practice in recent years, but there are still several myths and misconceptions about these services. Produced water, the byproduct of the extraction process, can be difficult to manage and is a critical environmental and economic challenge. Services like dissolved air floatation (DAF) equipment systems and tertiary treatments offer an alternative solution to dealing with produced water in a sustainable and cost-effective way. By addressing the misconceptions, we want to provide a clearer understanding of produced water reuse and recycled produced water in the oil and gas industry.

Myth #1 Only Large Companies Can Afford to Recycle Produced Water 

Some companies believe that recycling water services and treatments are extremely expensive, making it an impractical option for their company. If your company is reliant solely on freshwater for drilling mud, you have to account for the cost and transport cost of freshwater and the transport and disposal cost of the untreated produced water. Because recycled produced water can be used in drilling mud, this significantly reduces your water management costs. The DAF equipment and water treatment systems are completely customizable and scalable to your company and operation because our systems are mobile. Learn more about the DAF water system and set up here. 

Myth #2 Recycled Produced Water is Unsafe for Reuse

Another misconception about recycled produced water is that it is unsafe for reuse. When the water is first pumped from the ground, it contains potentially harmful chemicals and contaminants. The DAF system is able to remove 99% of solids, oil, and grease and more than 97% of iron from the water. Our team also evaluates and tests water throughout the treatment process to ensure quality and will provide an onside water chemistry analysis. Learn more about how produced water is treated for reuse here. 

Myth #3 Recycled Produced Water is Harmful for the Environment

Not only is the myth that recycled produced water is harmful to the environment untrue, but recycling produced water has many environmental benefits. By using a DAF system to filter the produced water, a company can create a sustainable water management system and lower the need for freshwater. This helps conserve water, especially in places that experience droughts. Cleaning the produced water also reduces the amount of contaminants that can pollute aquatic habitats and groundwater. Learn more about the environmental benefits here. 

Recycled produced water in the oil and gas industry is not only a viable option for dealing with produced water, but a good one. Not only does DAF water services reduce water management costs, but is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to treat produced water. To learn more about how recycling produced water could benefit your company, contact us here through our website. 

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